Spain would welcome independent Scotland into the EU

Spain would welcome Independent Scotland into the EU Credite: Facebook

Miguel Angel Vecino Quintana, the Spanish Consul General in Edinburgh has made clear that Spain would not veto Scotland’s return to the EU should they become independent from the UK.

This comes in form of a letter by Miguel Angel Vecino Quintana in response to Spanish MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons of the Partido Popular (PP) party, who was reported as stating that Scotland would have to ‘get in line’ to join the European Union. He went on to say: “Whatever happens – and I hope that its independence never happens – Scotland will have to get in line, behind Turkey and behind Serbia to end up as an EU state.”

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Spain’s stance towards Scotland joining the European Union should they gain independence was an issue back in the 2014 referendum campaign as Better Together suggested Spain would veto entry.


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