Great news for drivers, 2021 will see the end to Spanish toll road charges

Drivers get relief as toll roads begin to open their gates for free. Credit - Shutterstock

This year saw the AP-1 be the first toll road in Spain to have its barriers permanently lifted for road users and will be followed by the AP-7 and AP-4 by the end of the year.

2021 will also see many more toll roads expire and will also be free. As contracts are fulfilled we will see more free motorways arrive.

Toll roads in Spain have been a sore subject for many drivers and the lifting of these and more to come will come as very good news.


    • Yes, but that means they will not use the A7, the wagons on there are literally costing lives and making that slower. They’ll be on a proper highway designed for wagons. Plus they are not allowed in the far lane.

  1. Not true. Will increase traffic obviously but
    not cause any great problem unless you want to drive 120 mph. Got to be faster and far safer than the AP7.


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