Videotaped rape suspect sentenced In Murcia

Murcia court dismissed appeal

The man accused of raping a friend, recording it and bragging about the incident has been sentenced to eight years in prison at the Murcia Provincial Court.

The incident happened back in July 2013 when both parties stayed over at a mutual friends. Due to the nature of the apartment the parties were forced to share a bed for the night which is where the attack happened.

Afterwards the attacker filmed the aftermath and flexed his muscles in front of the camera in an apparent show of strength, then turning the camera to the victim, asking if she wanted her picture taken.


As well as eight years in prison, the man was given a 3,240 euro fine and ordered to stay 300 metres away from the victim for seven years.

The total of eight years included six years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse and two years and a fine of 3,240 euros for another discovery and disclosure of secrets.



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