Known arsonist arrested in Valencia setting fire to families apartment door

Known arsonist arrested again in Valencia.CREDIT: shutterstock

A suspected arsonist has been arrested in the Valencian district of Patraix after setting fire to a neighbour’s door with the family including two children inside.  

 According to a statement issued by the Jefatura Superior, the suspect is a 42-year-old Spanish man who has been reported and arrested for similar acts in the past, including setting fire to containers and damage to property.

The latest event happened around 2am on Saturday after patrolling Policia National were alerted to a disturbance in the Patraix area of Valencia.


The family, who were inside the apartment at the time, reported that shortly after the Champions League Final the noticed a strong smell of smoke coming from outside the door. They looked through the peep hole to find the accused fanning the flames of crumpled up paper.

When the Police arrived they found the remains of scorched paper and matches.

The man was located shortly after with burn marks on his clothing and black marks on his face. He was also reported to have committed similar acts that night, with numerous witnesses coming forward to identify the man.


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