Barcelona YouTuber sentenced after degrading homeless prank

Kenghua R faces the judges in Barcelona courtroom. Credit - Wikipedia

Chinese born Youtuber ReSet, real name Kenghua R, has been given his punishment for being at the centre of a video controversy this week after posting a video of feeding a homeless man a rancid cookie filled with toothpaste on the streets of his home town of Barcelona.

The Guardia Urbana de Barcelona has denounced the youngster to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for infringing degrading treatment, belittling the dignity and moral integrity of a person at risk of social exclusion.

The local authorities located the homeless man after the video gained mass criticism on his YouTube page and found the youngster had tricked him and paid him 20 euros to eat the cookies.


ReSet was sentenced to a five year ban on social media, which means his YouTube channel will be shut down and he will be forbidden to reopen another. He has also been ordered to pay compensation of 20,000 euros for ‘moral damage’ and causing ‘physical suffering’ to the homeless man.

With this latest stunt, ReSet was due to make around 2,000 euros in paid advertisements on the video.




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