Homegrown hash factory discovered in Almeria

INDOOR PLANTATION: Police found nearly 350 marijuana plants in the property. Credit: Police National Interior

THREE men are under arrest after police found nearly 350 marijuana plants growing in a property in the Pescaderia neighbourhood of Almeria city.

A police search also netted a kilo of marijuana buds and items like halogen lamps and ventilators for promoting the plant growth. A search of a second property led to the seizure of a gun and 20 bullets.

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Police investigations into a possible indoor marijuana plantation in the area began in March. Surveillance operations and the smell emanating from the property confirmed police suspicions.

One of the detainees, a 67-year old man, lived in the property. Police said he had been responsible for keeping an eye on the plants. The other two, 18 and 22-year old brothers, went there every day to tend to the crop and pick it when ready.

All three face charges of a crime against public health and defrauding the power supply.


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