Spanish provinces struggle against depopulation

Teruel is one of the areas affected by these developments. Credit: WikipediaCommons

MORE THAN half of the people born in four Spanish provinces now live 
elsewhere, according to figures from the National Institute of 
Statistics (INE).

The Castilla y Leon provinces of Soria and Avila, Aragon’s Teruel
Province and Cuenca Province in Castilla-La Mancha are home to less
than half of the people born there.

Castilla y Leon’s provinces of Zamora, Segovia and Palencia have also
seen a high proportion of people who were born there leaving.
The figures come as parts of Spain continue to struggle with
depopulation and its effects.


Former Territories Minister Meritxell Batet previously said the issue
was the ‘biggest challenge’ facing the country.


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