ELECTION RESULTS: PSOE makes gains in Spain and Europe, Brexit Party on top in Britain


SPAIN’S left-leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) has won 20 European Parliament seats and made gains in towns, cities and regions while the Brexit Party topped Britain’s ballot yesterday (Sunday May 26).

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE will have six more Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) following yesterday’s election, bringing its total to 20.

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The conservative Partido Popular (PP) lost four of its seats, leaving it with 12 MEPs. The centrist Ciudadanos picked up a seat to reach seven MEPs, while the leftist Podemos lost five MEPs and now has 11 seats.

The far-right Vox will enter the European Parliament for the first time after winning three seats.

Meanwhile in Britain, results released yesterday showed the pro-leave Brexit Party won 31.6 per cent of the vote, picking up 29 European Parliament seats.

The pro-Remain Liberal Democrats won an extra 15 seats giving it 16 MEPs, up from one before the vote.

Labour lost 10 seats and now has 10 MEPs. The Conservatives lost 15 seats leaving them with four MEPs after polls and pundits predicted Prime Minister Theresa May’s and Jeremy Corbyn’s parties would lose votes due to Brexit.

The Green Party won four more seats than in the last European Parliament election in 2014 and now has a total of seven MEPs, overtaking the Conservatives.

Spain also held local and regional elections yesterday. Results have so far shown that PSOE has made gains in town and city halls and regional assemblies across the country.

PSOE is now the largest party in Murcia’s 45-seat regional assembly with 17 members to the PP’s 16. The PP was the largest party in the assembly after previous elections in 2011 and 2015.

PSOE has also made gains in the Balearic Islands, winning 19 seats in the islands’ 59-seat parliament. The PP lost four seats and now has 16.

The right made gains in both Madrid City Council and in the Madrid regional assembly. The PP lost 18 seats regionally and now has 30 but Ciudadanos went from 17 to 26 and Vox entered the assembly for the first time, winning 12 seats.   

PSOE kept its 37 seats from the previous election while Podemos lost 20 seats and now has seven.

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena, of the city-focused Mas Madrid, lost her majority after her party won 19 seats and PSOE won eight, meaning a rightwing coalition is likely to take charge of Spain’s capital.


  1. As most people know, this election did not use the UK’s almost unique ‘First Past the Post’ system. That’s what’s used in a General Election. The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has calculated if it had been a General Election using that system, there would be NO Conservative MPs in the UK Parliament at all! WOW!
    But before all the Brexit Party members get too excited about forming the next Government, the arithmetic shows the Pro-Brexit parties got only 34.9% of the vote when added together. The Pro-Remain parties added together got 40.4%. The hopelessly split Tories and Labour would count as ‘Don’t Knows’ under current circumstances of course – and they got demolished. Roll on the next General Election!

  2. We need a new government in the UK. I think everyone is fed up with the Conservatives and Labour. I have voted Conservative for the past 58 years and I am now fed up with the way the Party is run. Nigel has better ideas and single handed he has changed the face of British Politics in 3 WEEKS!! How could that have happened? Just shows how people now think about the old parties so we MUST have change. Perhaps the Party could change after Brexit but it will bring new members into a Government which is now run by people educated at Oxford and have NEVER employed anyone in their lives. Get rid of the lot and lets start again!!!


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