Odds on new laws about gambling advertising

Francisco Fernández Marugán centre. Credit: Defensor Del Pueblo Twitter

IN a series of tweets from the Office of the Defensor Del Pueblo, 
acting Ombudsman Francisco Fernández Marugán has called for a review 
on the legality of advertising gambling in Spain.

He considers that as the market has expanded dramatically in the past
few years with gross income rising to nearly €700 million in 2018 that
it is dangerous and not being properly policed.

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Suggestions include a complete ban on advertising except for the
lotteries run by the State and charity for the blind ONCE, failing
that a ban on advertising on TV during children’s programmes and the
prohibition of the use of celebrities in any form of advert.

In addition, it is recommended that studies are undertaken as to the
effect on those who may be addicted to gambling and to offer
assistance and advice to those involved.


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