PREMIUM NUMBER CLAMPDOWN: A number of companies in Spain to be fined for 902 number misuse.  

PREMIUM NUMBER: Large companies under the spotlight for misuse. CREDIT: Shutterstock

SEVEN large companies are to be set heavy fines for the misuse of premium rate numbers starting with the 902 prefix.  

These prefixs are usually set for information and customer service purposes only but communications and competition regulator CNMC have found these companies offering these numbers to companies for lucrative gains.

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902 numbers are often set outside of normal network bundles and included call packages in Spain and therefore can cost a lot more than regular numbers to call.

The companies have two months to appeal the decision before the Spanish Conscientious Courts.  




  1. If 902 numbers cost more than calling an ordinary landline number they cannot be used for customer service lines.
    See the EU Consumer Rights Directive, published in 2011 and effective 13 June 2014.


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