Spanish nun dies after her throat was slit in Africa

KILLING: The nun died in the Central African Republic. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

NIEVES SANCHO, the 77-year-old Spanish missionary recently murdered in Central Africa, ‘had her throat cut but wasn’t decapitated’, according to her family.

Her brother believes that Nieves must have been the victim of a gang of robbers.

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Mother-General of the French convent that Nieves belonged to in the Central African Republic said: “In the morning, they all ate together after Holy Mass.

“Later that day, she went home after dinner and no one knows what happened from then on.”

Nieves’ neighbour claims that he found her door open and the inside wrecked, but she was nowhere to be seen.

It was not until later that night that they found her body in the jungle, hidden in the bushes.

The missionary’s funeral was held last Tuesday in Africa to fulfill her wish to “be buried in Africa” as “life in Europe made no sense to her.”

Nieves, who was from the city of Burgos, had lived there for 23 years.

This murder comes just a week after that of 60-year-old missionary Fernando Hernandez in Western Africa.


  1. Here’s what’s really going on.
    This explains why most of the migrants crossing the Mediterranean are young men and hints at why so few of them are women. It puts paid to the opinions of many Brits who think it’s as easy as pie to get out of Africa and into Europe. Please sit up and take notice.
    And please remember, these people are human beings just like you and me, except they had the misfortune to be born by accident of birth in Africa instead of England.
    There but for the grace of God…


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