Granada couple find 80,000 bees in wall as swarm moves in

INSECT PROBLEMS: The swarm had been living in the couple’s wall for more than two years.Image: Shutterstock

A COUPLE in Granada have spent two years living with tens of thousands of bees living in the wall of their bedroom.

The pair were unaware the hive had set up home in their wall, only being alerted to the problem after their buzzing prevented the couple from sleeping.

According to Spanish media, high temperatures in recent years helped increase the size of the swarm in Pinos Puente, Granada.


Beekeeper Sergio Guerrero told one publication: “To have such a big swarm it could have been buzzing in their ears a year.”

He added: “A queen is capable of laying up to 1,400 eggs a day…Honestly, I cannot understand how they have been living with that number of thousands of bees for about two years.”

He warned: “Do not try to fumigae, touch, or do anything yourself.”


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