Costa de Almeria 23 – 29 May 2019 Issue 1768



  1. I read Leapy Lee’s article in this week’s printed edition of the newspaper and it gave me some cause for concern. However, at time of writing, it has not yet appeared on the website some 6 days later, so here are my thoughts on his latest item.
    Leapy Lee (by his own admission) is basically saying this week that he can’t find anything good or kind or positive to write about anywhere in the whole wide world. How depressing. This really confirms what I have long suspected – that the man is actually suffering from a form of depression himself.
    After all, he’s displaying the classic symptoms – looking on the dark side of everything, feeling there is no hope, rejecting anything remotely cheerful. I actually feel sorry for him.
    Now, before the usual suspects get laid into me, please let me point out that I am not some sort of lefty eternal optimist who thinks everything is fine and dandy. That would just be stupid. There’s an awful lot wrong with the world. Of course there is! But there’s also a lot that’s really great! What would be REALLY stupid would be if we only ever concentrated on all the bad things in life and never enjoyed all the good things it has to offer. Seriously, such a paranoid outlook only leads to trouble. A truly balanced outlook acknowledges the good as well as the bad. So, by definition, Lee Graham’s outlook is not balanced.
    This week, he has even managed to get upset over a silly bit of fluff like the Eurovision Song Contest for goodness sake! Why? Because Britain lost apparently. Well, I’ve got news for him. The clue is in the title. It’s a contest! There’s only one winner in any given year. It is simply not on for him to conclude that everybody hates Britain because it lost. ALL the other countries lose! Not just Britain alone. And by the way, Britain has actually been known to win it – when the song was good enough! 😉
    Would he get so upset about Mastermind, I wonder? What about when Shaun Wallace, a black man of Jamaican descent, won Mastermind. That was good news. Why has he never written about that? Hmm, well maybe we actually know why…
    Or what about Edinburgh winning University Challenge this year? Oh, he would probably find that depressing too because the English universities lost. Just like Eurovision he would probably conclude that all the Edinburgh students hate the English Universities! How paranoid would that be?
    I’m sorry, but his whole article is just one long whinge from start to finish. Maybe that’s his plan of course. Maybe he’s just trying to make us all feel depressed! I think I’ll go and watch some funny cats on YouTube. That should cheer me up. 😉


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