Spanish and European police arrest 22 suspects in ‘largest ever’ continental drug smuggling operation

Police seized cash and untraceable devices. CREDITS: Guardia Civil

SPANISH police officers together with other European forces have broken up a drug smuggling, contract killing and money laundering group in the largest ever organised crime investigation on the continent.

The group earned €600 million since 2017 through drug and cigarette trafficking in Britain, as well as their contract killings and money laundering.

National Police and Guardia Civil officers arrested one 48-year-old suspect who they claimed was the leader of the group in Huelva Province, Andalucia.


The gang members allegedly used untraceable devices to try and avoid the police inquiries.

More than 450 police officers intervened in an operation coordinated by Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency.

Officers arrested 22 people in Poland, Lithuania and Spain.

They also searched 40 homes and seized €8 million in cash, diamonds, bars of gold, jewellery and luxury cars.



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