Gibraltar MEP candidate Rachel Johnson – “no appetite for Brexit”

KEEP CALM: MEP candidate Rachel Johnson’s advice to EWN readers and all Britons living in Spain and Gibraltar.

AHEAD of the UK´s controversial participation in this week´s European Parliament elections, the Euro Weekly News caught up with new party Change UK´s best known candidate Rachel Johnson, in Gibraltar today.

Daughter of former MEP Stanley Johnson, and sister to high-profile MPs Boris and Jo, Rachel announced she would enter the political fray herself with the UK´s most recent pro-remain party.

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The well-known journalist and social figure, who is standing for Change UK in Gibraltar and South West, took time out of her campaign schedule to speak to the EWN during a whirlwind 12-hour stop on the rock.

Candidate Johnson first met with Chief Minister for Gibraltar, Fabien Picardo, at the headquarters of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar at Covent Place, where he said he “could see Change UK having more of a future in Westminster rather than Europe”.

Explaining her motives for getting involved with Change UK, Johnson said she has lost faith in Parliament to find a solution before October 31 Brexit deadline.

She added: “Nobody knows what’s going on from one minute to the next….there’s no appetite for any sort of Brexit and no majority for Theresa May’s deal.”

Asked what words she had for Britons living in Spain and Gibraltar, Johnson said: “Keep calm. These things need a lot of negotiation but British people in Spain are not going to be thrown under the bus, by the UK or Spain, that’s not grown up politics.

Watch this space for more of EWN’s exclusive interview with Rachel Johnson.



  1. Way to go Rachel! I hope you can teach your brother Boris a thing or three!
    Meanwhile Nigel Farage has a heckuva lot of explaining to do over the £450,000 Arron Banks gave him for his campaign. He should have declared it, but of course he didn’t, did he? Nigel says the reason was because he was quitting politics and planning a new life in the USA! So, the Brexit party he just founded is his idea of quitting politics? You couldn’t make it up!
    Seriously guys, any British expats in Spain or Gibraltar thinking of voting for the Brexit party on Thursday need their heads examined!
    Meanwhile Farage is facing a major reprimand, withdrawal of his allowance and being banned from certain political activities if found guilty. He says Channel Four News, who revealed his shenanigans, are “political activists” and he won’t allow them to attend any Brexit party events. Sounds just like his pal, President Trump who just loves to ban journalists who are only doing their jobs.
    Isn’t this fun? 😉
    Ps. My proxy vote is all arranged. No prizes for guessing it won’t be for the Brexit party!


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