Suspects arrested in connection with illegal buying and selling of deer antlers in Spain

ANTLER BUST: The deer antlers were found in Jaen. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested seven people and are investigating 16 others in connection with fraudulent buying and selling of deer antlers.

The suspects have been accused of various crimes including document fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

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The operation began in April 2018, when Guardia Civil officers allegedly found the main buying and selling points of deer antlers were in Jaen Province, Andalucia.

The deer antlers were being sent to Hong Kong, USA and Canada, where they were being made into various different products.

Police claim 87 had their personal information taken without their consent.

Officers estimate that in the last five years, the sales of deer antlers through wholesalers amount to more than €11 million.


  1. Antlers are shed naturally at the end of each rutting season, so can be collected up for use or for sale. Legally they will probably be the property of the landowner,


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