Paris’ Eiffel Tower closes after man seen climbing up French landmark

CLOSED: A man was spotted trying to climb the Eiffel Tower. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE Eiffel Tower in Paris has closed and visitors have been evacuated after a man was seen scaling the monument.

The company which runs the landmark in the French capital said the closure was ‘standard procedure’.

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Police and firefighters were sent to the landmark and said they were able to make contact with the climber. His reasons for scaling the monument were unclear today (Monday May 20).

A spokesperson for the monument told Reuters: “The man entered the tower normally and started to climb once he was on the second floor.”

Pictures posted to social media showed the man climbing beneath the tower’s viewing platform.

The streets around the Eiffel Tower, which first opened in 1887, were also placed on lockdown after the incident.


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