SEX THREATS: Gang ‘made €100,000’ from blackmail scheme in Spain

SEXUAL EXTORTION: A gang allegedly threatened to expose users of sex chats sites. Photo: Shutterstock

SPANISH police have arrested 23 people accused of belonging to a criminal organisation carrying out sexual extortion online.

The suspects allegedly made more than €100,000 from their victims across 24 Spanish provinces.

The group are claimed to have lured their victims in to visiting live sex chat sites using advertisements, before blackmailing them for money with threats of telling their families what they had done.


Messages from the gang allegedly contained phrases including ‘€600 if you do not want your wife or anyone to find out.’  Police claim the group even threatened to injury victims or their family members if they did not pay out, using messages including, ‘you’re going to pay one way or another.’

The first case came to light in February 2018 and Police claim to have so far received around 80 complaints from victims since.


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