FAKE PASSPORTS: Travellers arrested trying to leave Costa del Sol airport

MALAGA AIRPORT: Suspects caught trying to leave Spain with fake documents. Photo: Shutterstock

TWO passengers have been arrested by Spanish police after allegedly trying to fly from Malaga to London using falsified documents.

Officers from the National Police claim the man from Albania and woman from Iran used fake passports, one from Greece and the other from Bulgaria.

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Following their arrest at the airport terminal, police searched the pair and allegedly found an Albanian passport, revealing the man’s true identity.  Officers handed the suspects over to the judicial authority which will take over the case.


  1. Why do they ALL want to go to London ? What is the attraction ? Listen to the lefties there and it is racist, violent, unfair, children living in poverty, food banks, fascist police, and all the rest. But still people want to leave France and Spain and go there. Surely it can’t be the Benefit system, the free NHS treatment, free education, housing, clean water . . . can it ?


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