Spanish football shirts turned into hospital gowns for ill children

'TO FACE ALL RIVALS': "Happiness reduces stress and the length of stay in hospital". Photo: Las batas mas fuertes

THE MONTHLY Spanish football magazine, Panenka, has launched a campaign in which footballs shirts are turned into hospital gowns for sick children in hospital.

The initiative called ‘Las batas más fuertes’, ‘The strongest hospital gowns’, encourages all health centres to participate in a bid to help children feel stronger when facing their “rivals”.

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“Every day, in hospitals, many children play a very difficult game. That’s why we have turned football shirts into hospital gowns, so they feel stronger” the magazine said via Twitter.

The Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, which is promoting the idea, assures that “happiness reduces stress and the length of stay in hospital”.

For more information on how to join the campaign, click here:


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