RENTAL ‘FRAUDSTER’: Man accused of swindling victims out of thousands in southern Spain

SCAM: Police said the 39-year old got scam victims to pay deposits which were never handed over to the owners. Photo: National Police

A SUSPECTED scammer is under arrest for fraudulently offering rentals online.

The 39-year old man is accused of swindling four people out of at least €2,000 altogether, passing himself off as an intermediary between owners of apartments up for rent in Almeria city and tenants, and placing adverts on property portals.

Police said J.J.S.C. got people to pay him deposits which were never handed over to the owners. He told the landlords the tenant had changed their minds about the rental.


On other occasions he showed scam victims a supposed rental property from the outside only on the pretext it was not possible to go in until the current tenants moved out. According to police the elderly occupants had no intention of going anywhere.

The 39-year old produced rental contracts and reservation documentation with false information. Unwitting would-be tenants gave him deposits of between €150 and €450, although he rarely issued receipts.

Police specialising in online crimes managed to identify and locate the suspected swindler. It turned out he had been arrested before in connection with eight other similar scams since 2015.


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