SEAFRONT SCAMMERS: Police warn tourists to avoid beach game trick on Palma promenade

BEACH GAMES: The con artists are notorious for running a game known as thimblerig. Photo: Palma Police and Shutterstock

PALMA’S Local Police arrested 26 individuals during a clampdown on scammers on Palma Beach.

The operation was aimed at multiple active groups which were allegedly targeting tourists around the promenade area.

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The suspected con artists are notorious for running a game known as thimblerig, shell game, find-the-lady, etc, where participants attempt to bet on which is the correct object out of the three options.

The police in Palma have shared a video via Twitter that shows how these groups act, the money gained and the disputes that occur when the victims realise that they have been tricked and attempt to get their money back.

In the note, the force warns the public to not go near these groups, “if you join their game, you will lose everything”.


  1. It looks so easy. But it is a CRIMINAL activity. You watch the ball under the cups and when they stop you KNOW perfectly well where it is. But whilst you are finding your coin or notes from your pocket, and being careful that no one picks your pocket, someone will pass in front of you whilst another switches two cups round. It takes less than one second to do it. Don’t try to complain, because in the crowd are a couple of ‘heavies’ who will step in and ‘persuade you’ that you made a mistake. And don’t expect the police to be interested. By the time you find one, everyone will have melted away.


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