Police have arrested 31 on suspicion of running an online paedophile network

Paedophile network: International operation identifies Spanish suspects. Photo: Shutterstock

POLICE have arrested three people in Spain on suspicion of belonging to a network of online paedophiles.

The Guardia Civil claim a videoconferencing platform was being used by several groups to film children and disseminate the footage.

The operation, which was part of an international sting, saw a total of 31 people arrested and 145 victims identified, mostly girls aged between eight and 14-years-old. The majority of the arrests and victims were in the United States, while eight victims were identified in Spain.


According to police, the paedophile rings all used similar techniques, including using ‘hunters’ to track down children to abuse through social media, and ‘loopers,’ those tasked with creating the videos.

The first arrest within the operation in Spain was in February 2018 in Alicante, and saw a suspect sentenced to 180 years in prison for 38 separate child pornography charges.



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