AIRPORT DELAYS: France air strikes affect passengers in Spain

AIR STRIKES: Spanish airports are affected by French air strikes. Photo: Shutterstock

A STRIKE by French air traffic controllers and other public workers has seen several Spanish airports affected.

At Madrid’s Barajas Airport, planes are sitting on the runway with long delays after a limit was placed over the amount of planes able to fly over French airspace.

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The strike, which began yesterday and ended at 6am this morning, caused 550 cancelled flights and affected 75,000 others across Europe, with the effects still being felt.

European airlines are urging French politicians to put in place measures to avoid future industrial action affecting consumers, including a 72-hour notification period for strikes.

Airline Vueling was forced to cancel at least 50 flights, while Easyjet was warned passengers their flights could be affected as 65 per cent of their routes take in French airspace.

Ryanair and Iberia are also warning passengers of potential delays and pointing them to alternative options, including changing their flight dates.

AIRPORT CHAOS: Ryanair, easyJet and BA flights cancelled due to French national strike


  1. The French do like to strike and if it affects any other countries so much the better. Wonder what would have happened if Macrons European pal Merkel’s country had been seriously affected ?


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