Rare common sense

Man facing trial for murder in Torremolinos

WELL well. At least two rare examples of common sense took place last week. A judge overturned the ludicrous decision to award £3,000 to a father who sued a local football club for substituting his ten year old son during a game. The father considered the move ‘emotional abuse’ and had originally reported the club to the local child protection service! To me it was the father’s decision to take this course of action that was the true child abuse.

Apart from risking his son dying from embarrassment, he should also receive retribution for failing to equip the lad with some strength of character to face up to the real world. Having said all that, I looked more closely at the case and realised we hadn’t actually found a judge with a bit of common sense, but one who had reversed the decision, purely because the original notification had been sent to the wrong address.

Ah well, we’ll all await the new hearing with much anticipation! The second ruling was far more serious and welcome. It concerned the OAP who was exonerated for protecting himself from a young thug who was burgling his house and had threatened both him and his elderly wife with a sharpened screwdriver. The terrified pensioner grabbed a kitchen knife and, in the ensuing melee, the masked intruder received an injury from which he subsequently died.Last week the judge ruled the householder had ‘lawfully killed’ the man and he was completely exonerated from any charges.

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And quite right too. I have always considered that once an individual enters your home without permission, they forfeit all their human rights and legal standing, and become fair game for whatever befalls them.  However, in a sad reflection of today’s society, this toe rag’s family has since issued death threats against the victims, leading to him and his wife having to leave their family home after forty two years and take on different identities in another part of the country. An unfortunate reminder of the type of low lives the UK is spawning in this day and age.

Received a positive deluge of mail after last week’s column, in which I highlighted the Muslim company who, somewhat surreptitiously, allegedly announced their decision to build and enclave of London homes strictly for Muslim occupation. A feeling of shocked disbelief seemed to be the general consensus of opinion. It was of course perfectly true, and yet another example of the appeased minorities running slipshod over the beleaguered local citizens. I feel I must take issue with one correspondent however.

The gentleman in question cited the fact that there had also been Christian building companies, and even some building accommodation specifically for woman. Yes good sir, I do take your point, but the UK is a Christian country (at the moment!) and the companies you mention weren’t building a segregated area,in a blatantly racist and highly provocative scheme to install a totaly different culture into the heart of one of our great British cities. And, by the way, I do research every controversial subject I embark on! Thanks for your interest.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.

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  1. Leapy is risking losing everyone’s respect with his ever increasing intolerance of people who come from different cultures compared to his own.
    Intolerance is usually a bad thing (obviously), but sometimes in specific cases it can be a good thing. Greater intolerance of sexism, racism or homophobia can be a good thing – a means towards making the world a better place. So says Dr Julian Hargreaves, who is an adviser to the UK government’s Commission for Countering Extremism.
    However he also thinks there might be connections between extremist views and mental health problems. He says this about the types of intolerance displayed by extremists, “Paranoid, psychotic delusions are not that far removed from types of grievances you often hear around people with extremist views.” In other words, he’s saying there is an overlap between intolerance of other people’s cultures and paranoid psychotic delusions!
    Food for thought, eh?
    He says for example that claims about segregation and prejudice in certain towns in England might miss the positive local connections which are taking place. He warns against “pointing fingers” at particular groups. I hope Leapy is listening carefully. These are ideas which are well worth considering before launching into a new wave of intolerance against fellow human beings who just live their lives in a different way from his. I’m not talking about terrorists of course, just normal people whose cultural backgrounds happen to be different from a standard English upbringing.

  2. It is YOUR intolerance of Leapy that lost everyone’s respect ages ago Brian
    Leapy’s respect just increases. Have a look at the positive letters of support on the letters page this week.

  3. Hi Brian …… You always manage to get in first !!! Still I expect Leapy’s Column is the highlight of you week and you always have comment ready as No matter what Column Subject is You always Bang on about Leapy & not subject of Column
    What Leapy is pointing out is that Muslims ( Minority Group at Moment ) , Are allowed to be Racist against all others by refusing others to occupy houses. If UK Christian & White Building Company wanted to Build English Only Housing Estate the Council & Police would go Mad & Of course Muslim would cry Racist !!!!! It is a One Way System with Do-gooders helping everyone but UK born Citizens. Our Council has drop list of 63 Languages.. & Any racist complaints dealt with EXCEPT any of these 63 others make racist remark to a White Person. I phoned Council as Old Lady abused & after 30 mins I finally got answer: We do not have a Dept. to deal with White UK Citizens complaining about Racist Abuse………… So see you Next week Brian & leave you to write your complaint Comment ready for Next week

    • Given the level of hostility and anger directed at the Muslim community by yourself and others, why should one be surprised if they seek a common community living situation? When are you and your like minded associates going to understand the consequences of your hatred? Are you completely clueless as to how the current world wide situation regarding refugees fleeing to what they pray is a safe environment has been caused and continues to be exacerbated by the real terrorists. The US along with it’s poodles, the UK and France especially, have been undertaking a systematic destruction of country after country. Remember Iraq? Remember Libya? Yugoslavia? Chile? Now Venezuela? These are not humanitarian interventions. They are invasions to ensure that no-one anywhere will be allowed to defy the ruling elites by trying to shake off the yoke of post colonial and now neo colonial domination, the stealing of national resources and the forced impoverishment of those citizens in those countries. It always ends badly for Empires and that catastrophy for the West is fast approaching. There is of course a choice. Self destruction or a change of heart. Either it will be painful. We have so much to learn from the very people that you dismiss so easily. Instead of attacking them why don’t you demonstrate the so called Christian ethics that you claim to have and stop your hatred. Get off your backside and make an effort to engage. I promise you, you will be rewarded. You might even feel good about yourself.

  4. I’ve done a bit of research and uncovered some facts which may surprise Leapy and his fans. Did you know England’s first mosque was founded away back in 1887 in Liverpool? Well, it was. Even at Leapy’s great age that was a heck of a long time before he was even born! The 1887 mosque is still there to this very day.
    So much for his claim that “the UK is a Christian country”. As far back as Victorian times, the Queen ruled over more Muslims than the entire Ottoman Empire! That’s a fact.
    Furthermore, Queen Victoria ordered the publication of an educational pamphlet called “Faith of Islam” which summarised the religion and which was translated into no less than 13 languages! Evidently, she was a lot more unorthodox than some people seem to think.
    Now in the 21st century, most of England is actually non-religious of course. Christians will soon be reduced to near zero as a new generation avoids religion like the plague and churches close for ever.
    I am in no doubt that future generations of enlightened and educated young people, previously raised as Muslims, will do the same thing too. After all, organised religion of any kind is deeply boring to the overwhelming majority of young people, isn’t it? Apart from a few hotheads, most of them would rather have a bit of fun instead of wasting their time getting bored to death listening to droning old men in churches or mosques or synagogues. Why not ask yourselves, when did you last go to church? I’ll bet very few of you have attended a church service for many, many long years – apart from weddings and funerals perhaps?
    What a lovely thought… an enlightened future without religion.
    Anything is possible you know. Human beings evolve – eventually.

  5. Hi Eagle
    The ” Mosque ” You mention was infact a block of 4 x 3 Story Houses. Still there in state of disrepair my guess it was dwelling places & not Mosque
    As to Christians & lack of attendance with the corruption & pedophiles throughout clergy. is it no wonder people backing off. I in fact have never been in a church as I saw from early age it is all just a con. God never made Man :::: Men made Gods
    Same as Muslims are Brainwashed by their Clerics

    The UK TeddyBoy

  6. According to Wikipedia
    “Religion in the United Kingdom, and in the countries that preceded it, has been dominated for over 1,000 years by various forms of Christianity. Religious affiliations of United Kingdom citizens are recorded by regular surveys, the four major ones being the national decennial census, the Labour Force Survey, the British Social Attitudes survey and the European Social Survey.”
    UK not a Christian country? What is Ego smoking, Teddy Boy?

    • Erica/Teddy getting ridiculous. Brian is right about first mosque and Christianity is dying out. Empty churches. Full mosques. Undeniable.


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