DISTRESSING: Internet goes wild with anger over video of horse suffering from fit at Seville’s Feria

FERIA DE ABRIL: It is a tradition for horses to be present at the fair. Credit: Shutterstock and @Verukawww

A VIDEO was shared online showing sensitive images of a horse suffering from convulsions due to “exhaustion” at Seville’s Feria of Abril or April Fair.

The Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals, PACMA, has shared its strong disapproval of exposing horses to exhausting hours at the fair.

“Every year, dozens of horses die at the fair, they are subjected to wearing and exhausting days. Let’s celebrate without abuse!”, stated PACMA.


It is a tradition for horses to be present at the Feria de Abril and are, at times, subject to extreme conditions and abuse.

Last year, the owner of a horse, which sadly passed away, was reported by Seville’s Local Police for not having fed the animal and for taking it to the fair in poor health.


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