COCKTAIL HORROR: Woman engulfed in flames after blazing drink disaster at Spanish bar

FLAMING COCKTAILS: One of the victims was flown by air ambulance. Photo: Shutterstock

THREE people were seriously burned when flaming cocktails were being prepared in a Palma bar.

One of the victims, a 33-year-old Swedish woman was flown by air ambulance to Vall d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona for specialist treatment, with burns to 18 per cent of her body. A Swedish man, aged 34, and German man, aged 48, were treated in Son Espaces for second and third-degree burns.

Investigating police say that rum-based cocktails were being prepared when they flared up causing a fire ball. The woman victim was wearing a silk dress which was ignited by the flames.


Within minutes two ambulances, Local Police of Palma and National Police were on the scene at about 11.30 pm on Friday night.



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