Young electric scooter rider killed after collision with motorbike on the Costa Blanca

SCOOTER DEATH: In March, there was on average one accident every day. Photo: Shutterstock

A 19-YEAR-OLD riding an electric scooter died after colliding with a motorbike in the north of Valencia city.

The crash occurred on April 30, and the young rider died of his injuries on May 2 without regaining consciousness.

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According to reports, the motorcyclist had apparently veered into the opposite lane, during an overtake, and collided with the scooter. He reportedly tested positive for being over the drink driving limit at the scene.

Investigations are now underway to ascertain whether the 38-year-old motorcyclist should be prosecuted for the Spanish equivalent offence of causing death by dangerous driving.

In March, there was on average one accident every day, involving electric scooters, in which 24 riders were injured. A review of the law concerning the riding of these machines in Valencia is now pending. 


  1. So the fact that the victim was on a scooter is entirely irrelevant. But this doesn’t stop someone adding it to a list of statistics.

    • Hello PM, many thanks for your feedback. The fact that the man, who sadly passed away, was riding an electric scooter raises issues. Riders are highly unprotected, there has been a high number of reports and a review of the current law for riding of these machines in Valencia is now pending. Many thanks for your feedback 🙂


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