FLIGHT CANCELLED: Spanish court orders Ryanair to pay compensation after passengers are left stranded at airport

DAMAGES: The Ryanair flight from the Murcia Region Airport was cancelled. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A COURT in Murcia City has ruled ordered budget airline Ryanair to pay out €250 to four passengers stranded at the region’s airport after their flight to Rome was cancelled.

Murcia City’s First Commercial Court dismissed Ryanair’s claim that the flight was cancelled because of bad weather and that the passengers were offered alternatives to resolve the situation.

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Ryanair lawyers presented weather data about the skies above Rome –Ciampino Airport to support its claim that the cancellation was valid.

It also presented a report from Eurocontrol showing storms which struck large parts of Europe on August 17 2018, the day the flight was due to take off.

But the court ruled against Ryanair and upheld the claim made by the four passengers.

The presiding judge said in their ruling that Ryanair had presented no evidence to show conditions around the Murcia Region Airport.

It also failed to demonstrate the storms had the same impact on other flights, the court ruled.


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