JOBS BOOST: Employment rose by 186,785 people last month in Spain

GOOD MONTH: The number of people paying social security is now 19.23 million. Photo: Shutterstock

APRIL was a good month for the job market. Employment, measured by Social Security affiliation, increased by 186,785 contributors compared to March.

This means the number of people paying social security is now 19.23 million, the highest since July 2008 and is approaching the historic high that was recorded a year before the financial crisis.

The number of registered unemployed fell by 91,518 people in a single month to a total of 3,163,566 people.


Seasonally adjusted to take into account tourism and agriculture jobs the number of people making social security contributions rose by 52,000, although the number of indefinite employment contracts signed fell by 7.4 per cent compared to April 2018.


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