TOURIST WARNING: Traces of human poo found in beach cocktails sold by illegal vendors at holiday hotspots in Spain

REFRESHING: What's really in your drink? CREDIT: Shutterstock

HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned to be careful when purchasing drinks from illegal vendors at holiday hotspots in Spain.

Some of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations come with a new warning as cocktails and refreshments sold by illegal vendors could possibly have traces of human waste which can cause illness.

Police have been cracking down on the illegal vendors who have been known to store the bottles and cans in drain systems, “clean” the fruit in showers designed to wash sand from feet and chop ingredients on bin lids.


Traces of E-coli and human excrement have reportedly been found by scientists which can cause extreme illness and even death.

The advice is to only purchase drinks directly from the Bars as illegal vendors have also been known to wear matching uniforms to look official.


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