Dramatic rescue: Five girls found after going missing in Southern Spain

MISSING: A group of six were found after going missing in the Rio Chillar, Nerja (pictured).

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MEMBERS of the Guardia Civil have found a woman and five Swedish girls who had been missing since last night in the Rio Chillar, Nerja.

The group, who failed to return after setting out on a hike yesterday, were eventually located by a police search party and helicopter.

Concerned family members alerted police to the disappearance of the 34-year-old woman and five girls aged between 12 and 15-years-old.

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Mountain rescue workers, firefighters, and Guardia Civil officers took over the rescue operation, eventually finding the group unharmed this morning.

Several of the children allegedly suffered minor scratches and bruises after they carried out the hike in flip flops.  No medical intervention was reportedly required, however.

Police have warned the walkers of the importance of wearing proper footwear while hiking.

In July 2011, a Dutch tourist went missing for 18 days after getting lost in the same area, hiking between Nerja and Frigiliana.

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  1. The Guardia Civil mountain rescue team are brilliant. I took a wrong turning on top of Mt Maroma a couple of weeks ago and ran out of food and energy and ended up trying to sleep through the night under bits of grass half way up the mountain. Yet Mountain Rescue found me and helped me back down at 3:30 in the morning. I felt like an idiot as I am an experienced walker but it was a lesson for me and the rescue guys were superb, hats off to them.


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