Woman arrested for poisoning seven men and stealing €41,000 from victims in Spain

POISON: Burundanga can cause memory loss and inability to make conscious decisions. Photo: Shutterstock

A WOMAN has been arrested for poisoning seven men with hyoscine, also know as scopolamine, in Leon and stealing €41,000 from the victims.

Hyoscine is known for causing a zombie like state without being able to make conscious decisions.

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The victims, who had entered the Hospital Centre of Leon, showed symptoms similar to those caused by the scopolamine and claiming money was missing.

One of the victims, who went to hospital at the beginning of January, was found in a critical condition leaving doctors fearing for his life. He also suffered a loss of money to the value of 1,400 euros. A warrant was issued to search the woman’s home where investigators found evidence of the substance having been purchased and falsified paperwork.

The Magistrate Judge decreed admission to enforce preventive prison; the woman has been accused of poisoning seven victims, from which two were intoxicated on two occasions.

All of the victims had to be admitted to the same hospital and three were in serious condition.

The total amount stolen during these events amounts to more than €41,000.


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