Real Madrid sends heartfelt message to Iker Casillas after heart attack at age 37

"UNDER CONTROL": Iker Casillas suffered a heart attack. Photo: @IkerCasillas

SOCIAL MEDIA has been flooded with messages for ex-Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, after having suffered a heart attack during an Oporto training session.

The Spanish goalkeeper, took to Twitter to let the world know that “Everything was under control, a big scare but with strength intact. Thank you very much everyone for the messages and love”.

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Real Madrid has also sent a message of support to Iker via their website:

“Real Madrid CF wants to transmit all their support to their beloved captain Iker Casillas.

Iker Casillas has taught us throughout his professional career to overcome the most incredible challenges to enhance the glory of our club. It has taught us that giving up does not fit into our philosophy of life and has shown us countless times that being strong, however hard the challenge is, the way to achieve victory.

Real Madrid CF and Real Madrid want to see their eternal captain recovered as soon as possible and send him all the courage of the world.”


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