Endesa accused of overcharging consumers almost €11 million

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RETIRED engineer Antonio Moreno Alfaro has accused Endesa of overcharging consumers almost €11 million since 2010.

The power company charged users an extra 33 cents a month although not all were integrated into its remote controlled meter-reading network, the 75-year-old maintained.

Consumers’ association Facua made – and won – a similar case in 2014, where Endesa had to return €1.39 million and pay a €400,000 fine.


Moreno worked for an electricity meter company but was sacked when he was 51 because he refused to take part in what he called “dirty business.”

Since then he spends much of his time uncovering irregularities in electricity bills and has accused ministers and denounced ex-presidents of the Government, sometimes winning and sometimes losing.

The engineer now wants the Junta to cancel the Facua verdict and seize €10.8 million from Endesa while increasing the fine to between €48 and €480 million, as the courts only obliged the company to return what was overcharged in 2014.

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