Spain to UK flight diverted after ‘drone sighting’ at London airport

DRONING ON: Three flights were diverted from London Gatwick to Stansted after reports of a drone sighting. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

PASSENGERS on a flight from Spain to London Gatwick yesterday afternoon (Sunday) were diverted to another airport after reports of a drone being spotted on the approach to the airport.

Three flights were diverted to London Stansted including an easyJet flight from Barcelona along with others from Greece and The Netherlands.

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All three flights landed safely at Stansted before returning to Gatwick around 90-minutes later.

London Gatwick airport said that an Aer Lingus pilot made the initial report but nothing was picked up on the radar or anti-drone systems.

Last December around 140,000 passenger had their journeys disprupted after the Sussex airport was closed for more than 30 hours after several drone sightings.

One passenger Tweeted: “Just love travelling. Our EasyJet flight to Gatwick has just been redirected to Stansted due to a drone sighting as we came into land. I love drones! Now refuelling & heading back to Gatwick. Going to be a long day” which was quickly answered with the comment: “Could have been a longer day if a drone had hit your plane and brought it down. It may be a slight inconvenience but safety gotta come first.”


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