WATCH: Is this the laziest street sweeper in Spain?

"SACK HIM!": The 'lazy' street sweeper in Spain. Photo credit: facebook / BenidormVlogger

A VIDEO of a ‘lazy’ street sweeper in Spain has gone viral after he was captured kicking rubbish off a pathway after carefully checking that no-one was looking.

But someone was, a Benidorm video blogger – Harry-vlogs-Benidorm, and his shocking video has prompted a backlash against the Costa Blanca street sweeper.

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Zo….. de straten zijn weer schoon….. 😳

Geplaatst door BenidormLovers op Woensdag 24 april 2019

The worker can clearly be seen watching for a break in passing traffic and looking all around before kicking a pile of rubbish from the path into scrubland alongside – instead of collecting it up and popping it into his hand cart.

He then ambles off totally unaware that his actions had been captured on film.

Enraged users took to social media to criticise his actions.

One said: “Lazy, lazy, lazy man! He needs to be made to watch this… I’m sure his boss will be pleased.”

Another simply said: “What a lazy ba****d.”

“Sack him” was the cry from others.

It is not yet known if the man has been identified or what action his employers will take against him.


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