‘Illegal’ taxi driver slapped with BIG fine by police in Spain after journey of just a few metres

'TAXI': The unlicensed driver now faces a fine of €1,380. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

POLICE in Spain have immobilised a ‘pirate’ taxi after the driver tried to charge three tourists €12 for a trip that was just a 100-metre walk.

Algeciras Local Police in the south of Spain leapt into action after spotting three people were going up to Renault Scenic near the ferry terminal.

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They say the taxi driver planned to charge the three tourists €4 each for the trip that was just a 100-metre walk away in a straight line – although the ‘taxi’ would need to take a detour.

The unlicensed local driver now faces a fine of €1,380 for breaking local regulations and also the cost of recovering his vehicle from the municipal compound where it was taken by a recovery truck.


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