COINCIDENCE?: Over the last few years there have been attacks on Christian artefacts and holy shrines.

I too, was shocked and saddened by the terrible devastation of Notre Dame in Paris last week.  At the time of writing, no group has claimed responsibility and no blame yet been apportioned. 

‘Appears to be accidental’ is a phrase being bandied about. This reaction being the usual, ‘petrified to offend anyone’ attitude, that complacent European Christians seem to adopt with almost any atrocity that isn’t actually followed by a ‘we are responsible,’ sign, emblazoned in sky writing above their heads! 

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However, before I am once again accused of some kind of phobia or another, let me run a few facts by you. In 2016 three females, with radical ties to Islam, were arrested in a street adjacent to Notre Dame; along with a lorry containing six gas cylinders and Arabic propaganda papers. In the violence that ensued, two police officers were injured with one being stabbed in the chest. After the incident police declared they were ‘in a race against time’ before a major terrorist attack took place.

Also in that year a Catholic priest was murdered by ‘two soldiers’ of a group calling themselves Islamic State (ISLE). Last year, in France there were 873 reported attacks on Christian churches and 1,063 anti-Christian acts. Bearing all these facts in mind, quite frankly, if this Notre Dame disaster is put down to coincidence, then I truly do give up.

Just to drive my point home. As I write, reports are coming in from Sri Lanka of seven explosions, targeting six churches and hotels, which have killed nearly three hundred people and injured hundreds more. And all of these recent atrocities are occurring during one of the most sacred Christian periods of the year.

Here are a few more facts for the disbelieving snowflakes and ‘infidels’. Over the last few years, all across Europe, there have been thousands of attacks on Christian artifacts and holy shrines. This year, in March alone, four churches in Germany were vandalized or torched. 

And still the silence from the authorities is deafening! Don’t take my word for this cowardly inaction. Cast an eye over a report last week on PI – News, a German news site.

I quote. ‘Hardly anyone writes about the increasing attacks on Christian symbols. There is an eloquent silence in both France and Germany about the scandal of the desecrations and the origin of the perpetrators. Not a word or even the slightest hint that could in any way lead to the suspicion of immigrants. It is not the perpetrators who are in danger of being ostracized, but those who dare to associate the desecration of Christian symbols with immigrant imports. They are instead, accused of hatred, hate speech and racism’. Unquote. 

Well, be that as it may, I am utterly convinced that unless the authorities get some bottle and at least publically recognise the problems of increasing ‘Christianophobia’, some form of right wing ‘tit for tat’ will begin to occur. And then we will surely need heaven to help us all.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy   

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*Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.


  1. Strange that Leapy has decided the Notre Dame fire was due to terrorism. This is undoubtedly premature of him and highly unlikely given the circumstances. It was effectively a building site. The fire started in the scaffolding on the roof and spread from there to the wooden supports. The burning roof dropped flaming debris inside the building before falling into it completely. Video footage shows this clearly. A potential arsonist would have had climb onto the roof, set fire to it and hope for the best so to speak. The usual (much easier) terrorist tactic is for suicide bombers to walk in at ground level.
    It is well known that careless workmen often leave anything from burning cigarette ends to hot oxy-acetylene burners lying about along with miles of live electrical extension cables just waiting to overheat – health and safety instructions notwithstanding! I’m not saying that’s definitely the cause. I’m just saying it’s too early to jump to conclusions. In addition, the first fire alarm was cancelled by an official who thought it was false. It took a second alarm to convince him it was genuine. Everything points towards human error – not terrorism – and it is quite reckless to conclude otherwise without proof.
    Re. his concept of Christianophobia, that and Islamophobia are opposite sides of the same coin. Intolerance between different religions is as old as the human race itself since the followers of the sun god took a dislike to the followers of the moon god. (Ok, I made that last bit up, but you see what I’m getting at?) The really odd thing is that faithful Christians and faithful Muslims actually worship the same god! And most of them don’t seem to realise that. He appears in both the Bible and the Koran and so does his ‘son’ Jesus (albeit only as a minor prophet in the Koran.) It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. The thing is, many human beings will always find something to justify violence and persecution against people whose culture and way of life are different from their own. For the past 2000 years it’s been Christians versus Muslims. Surely that’s not going to last another 2000 years? Or is it?

  2. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I interpret the main thrust of this article to be that the Notre Dame fire was an anti-Christian act of terrorism. The headline is “Christianophobia?” There is a statement that “…if this Notre Dame disaster is put down to coincidence, then I truly do give up.”
    Well, what do we know so far? We know the roof was effectively a building site covered in scaffolding containing all the usual paraphernalia used by building contractors. We know its structure had been inspected previously and found to be unsafe. We know the fire began in the area where the contractors were working and spread from there as the wooden roof beams began to drop fiery debris inside the building before collapsing altogether.
    This is basically a carbon copy of the Glasgow Art School fire, which was also a building site. There is no suggestion that the Art School fire was an act of terrorism. Although there is no firm conclusion as yet, it is generally accepted that the cause of the fire was something to do with the building contractors. However, unlike the Art School, Notre Dame had a functioning fire alarm system. We know the first fire alarm was cancelled by an official who says he believed it was a false alarm. Only when a second one was triggered did he react as he should have done the first time. This apparent mistake led to some delay in tackling the fire.
    Is it too early to say whether or not the Notre Dame fire was an act of terrorism against Christians or simply an industrial accident? I am not sure anyone can make a definite conclusion until all the evidence is in.

    • Thankyou Brian for speaking out on this. I can only add that it is quite ironic that Leapy once again makes a disclaimer against anyone who might suggest he has a phobia and then proceeds to back his commentary by offering a quote from a news organ who proudly declare as a banner headline “Islamaphobic and proud of it”. Huh?

      • Thanks Jonathan. You may have noticed I have two comments above instead of one. There’s a reason for this. The moderators initially rejected my first comment. I know this because other comments were posted on various items after I submitted mine, but my comment was not among them. So I submitted a second comment. That didn’t make it past the moderators either. It was only when I complained by email that some shockingly insensitive comments by other people about the 19 year old who was gored to death had been passed as fit to publish, while my relatively innocuous stuff was not, that they finally posted both comments all at once! Oh, and they did finally take down the disgraceful comments approving, indeed praising, the death of a young 19-year-old, so congratulations where they are due – eventually. Many of my previous comments have been rejected by the moderators too. Have yours? I used to think Leapy had a thick skin. Now I’m not so sure. Some people seem to think he needs protection from people like you and me. I will be extremely pleased if the moderators pass this comment for publication!

        • Hello Brian, Leapy Lee’s article was removed from the website as it was causing offence to some of our readers. The EWN team decided to review the article and we must point out that Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers and sponsors. We are sorry about the confusion regarding your comments, I believe that you were replied to via email. Have a great day 🙂

  3. Indeed a number of my comments have not passed the moderators. I don’t quite understand the policy here. Sometimes I think that maybe there is more than one moderator. One who is protective of Leapy and one who is not. I am curious if the moderators took down his last posting. Something appeared briefly and then went down the rabbit hole. However last I checked it was still in the online newspaper version. Any comments on that?

    • Yes indeed Jonathan. I am not surprised to hear your confirmation regarding the moderators. I am of exactly the same opinion.
      As I write this, Leapy’s current article (entitled An Arrogant Affront) in the printed version of the EWN has been wiped from the website. (It is still available in the online newspaper editions provided by ‘issuu’.) It appeared briefly on the website as a standalone article under his name. It was wiped after my complaint (referred to above.) N.B. I did NOT ask for Leapy’s article to be taken down! I would never do such a thing. All I asked was to have my comment on it posted instead of being rejected.
      I can only conclude that either someone employed by the EWN has authorised Leapy’s article to be wiped or a peculiar mistake has been made. Perhaps Leapy is on the phone to the editor right now? (grin) I look forward to his article being reinstated. I have a comment all ready and waiting! Heheh.

    • Hello Jonathan, Leapy Lee’s article was removed from the website as it was causing offence to some of our readers. The EWN team decided to review the article and we must point out that Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers and sponsors. Many thanks!

      • Thank you Taylor. I can fully understand your decision. Unfortunately Leapy’s article is out there now in all the printed editions of the newspaper. So here is my reply to it. This might help to explain to others why it is so offensive.
        Leapy Lee item: ” An Arrogant Affront ”
        On the coastline of Almeria province where I live, there are countless communities and even gated, fenced-in housing developments populated exclusively by British nationals – not a single Spanish family in sight. This should not be a problem. It’s freedom of choice. If Brits choose to live alongside other Brits instead of Spaniards they are free to do so and nobody should have any right to complain about it. So why should the situation be any different in England?
        Make no mistake – what Leapy is actually saying here is that like-minded people (in this case Muslims) should be denied the right to live together in a particular housing development of their choice! His attitude has mind-boggling implications. He is objecting to that most fundamental of human rights – freedom of choice. If you take his ideas to their obvious conclusion you are looking at the same attitudes that led to the far-right Nazi persecution of German Jews. England is a free country. That means EVERYONE is free to live the way they want to as long as they don’t break the law.
        I’ve got news for Leapy. Humanity is tribal. Always has been. Time he got used to it and stopped complaining. Please ask yourselves, are you actually being harmed by normal Muslims? No you’re not. Not any more than native Spaniards are being harmed by British expats here in Spain. Indeed, your public services, like the NHS, need these people working there just to survive! It would make more sense to be grateful for their help rather than object to them.
        Incidentally, to correct his latest mistake, Sadiq Khan is not the “Lord Mayor” of London. He’s just the mayor, full stop – and democratically elected of course by London’s very sensible and enlightened electorate. The term “Lord Mayor” is an old ceremonial title which is no longer in use. It dates back to ancient times and was typically used in fairytales.

  4. Hi to You two Deadbeats EAGLE & WHIT If you do not think it could have been deliberate as probably a workman. ( I agree probable was a Workman ) But what Race & what Agency was he working for ????

    Look up French church burnt down in last 4 years on Google. Well over 600 Churches. Do you think it was 600+ workman ??
    Of course not. They have to make room for Mosques

    Cheers UK TeddyBoy

  5. I first mentioned this a very long time ago, but it’s worth repeating because this irrational fear of ‘Muslim’ related terrorism seems to be getting worse.
    In reality your chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are vanishingly small. When you watch TV news coverage in the safety of your own home it affects you, but only indirectly. You feel fear, but it’s an irrational fear. You are perfectly safe. There are more than 8 BILLION people in the world going about their daily lives at any given time, but the TV news is focussing on a handful involved in a terrorist attack, ignoring the other 8 BILLION.
    However although I’ve mentioned your ‘safety’ at home, the reality is a bit different. Statistically, extremely bigger numbers of people die from accidents in the home than from terrorism. The bulk of these are due to things like slipping and falling in the shower! While out and about, you’re statistically much, much more likely to be hit by a car than get caught up in a terrorist incident.
    So relax. “Don’t worry – be happy”, but be careful while you’re whistling that tune in the shower – or while you’re crossing the road! 😉

  6. UKTeddyBoy.
    In reply.
    1. My CV. I am a 73 year old Canadian citizen. I arrived in Canada in 1972. With the generosity of others and with sweat equity and sheer persistence, my wife and I carved a home out of the wilderness. That included hand digging three sixteen foot wells, clearing Alder groves and living off the grid for a couple of years. We also brought up two children who have gone on to their own success and now have raised their own families. My wife and I have worked extremely hard for the last 45 years or so. I am still working part time. When I arrived in Canada I had no real skills. Now I am a highly regarded expert in building construction and am still sought after. My specialty became fine detail working including kitchen design and construction, staircasing, including circular stairs and all types of doors windows etc. I am semi retired and now am building guitars which have received very positive responses. Outside of that I have participated in Community projects including theatre stage design, construction, stage lighting for a number of years and acting. Currently I have been volunteering with our local Inter Cultural Association helping with reading skills and providing support for recent immigrants, largely Muslim families who have sought refuge from the violence in their countries, most of which has been exacerbated by the US, Britain and France. Amongst others. I am qualified to tell you that I have yet to meet a Muslim person who was not immensely grateful and over whelmingly friendly. Outside of the ICA I regularly provide my van and my own labor on a voluntary basis to provide furniture for recent arrivals who have practically nothing when they land here. You might think I am belaboring the point, but who in God’s name do you think you are to accuse myself and Brian Eagleson of being Deadbeats.
    For your further education:
    1.Deadbeat definition.
    If you refer to someone as a deadbeat, you are criticizing them because you think they are lazy and do not want to be part of ordinary society. A person who is not willing to work, does not behave in a responsible way, and does not fit into ordinary society:
    2.Libel definition
    a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.
    synonyms: defamation, defamation of character, character assassination, calumny, misrepresentation, scandalmongering; aspersions, denigration, vilification, disparagement, derogation, insult, slander, malicious gossip, tittle-tattle, traducement; lie, slur, smear, untruth, false insinuation, false report,
    3.My lawyer. Pearlman Lindholm. Libel and Defamation specialty.

    • I just HAVE to say it Jonathan – echoing those particular fans of Leapy who use a similar line – WELL SAID JONATHAN! 😉

      • I may as well deliver a biog too so that UK Teddy Boy will realise how far off the mark his “deadbeat” slur really is.
        Born in Clydebank, Scotland shortly after the Nazi bombers destroyed most people’s homes. The UK government had ‘cleverly’ concentrated the shipyards building naval warships, the requisitioned Singer sewing machine factory making munitions, and the Admiralty oil storage tanks all in one small town. The clever Nazis crippled Britain’s war effort in two nights of bombing and rendered most of the survivors homeless. The Clydebank Blitz was initially kept secret by the government to lessen its impact on morale elsewhere, particularly England. My mother and father managed to stay in Clydebank while all my other relatives left for Canada, America, Australia and England because there was no housing for them after the war ended.
        Passed my ’11 plus’ exam and went to High School. Visited Holland, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland on school trips which fostered a life-long fascination with travelling abroad. Left school in 5th year after passing all my exams, lured by a then fabulous apprenticeship pay of £7 a week! My job was in the up and coming Telecommunications industry and involved some travel too. It was a very good career move even though I could have gone to university if I had wanted to. University of life suited me better.
        Took up singing and playing bass guitar in various pub bands in my spare time. Set off with some friends in my van travelling and camping all round France within weeks of passing my driving test. Have continued to travel widely ever since, usually with large numbers of friends.
        Married and raised two fine children. Am now a grandfather of two other fine children.
        Retired recently and moved to Spain with my wife after she had a very nasty accident which put her in a wheelchair. My heart attack six months ago has reduced my mobility considerably too.
        This gives me plenty of time to spend criticising some of Leapy’s more outrageous comments. 😉

  7. Hi Johnathon & Brian
    If Johnathon wants to quote Libel Laws & you Brian agree !!!!!!!!
    Then I would think if Leapy thought same way as You two he would have made a Fortune out of things you do keep bringing up weekly
    As to Johathan quoting his CV I do not see anything outstanding in what he is doing
    Plus of course as to Immigrants being grateful to you for you help
    That is not unusual in any form.. They always show gratitude while thinking ” We can Milk this Fool ”
    As for Your thinking you have worked hard Johnathon : Try Coal Mining 2 mile under North Sea in Tiny Tunnel as My Father & Brothers did at 14yrs. & you will know what hard work is. Building your own house is not hard. I have just built 3 houses & found it easy compared to My Normal Work in Oil Industry which I was still doing while building. Reason it took 2 years.. So Get Real as you cannot call what you have done & doing WORK. Plus who provided costs for your Build ?? If that was your Work??

    • UKTeddyboy,
      If Leapy Lee was writing this stuff in England, I suspect he would find himself shut down. As regards my CV, you appear to have missed the point. You uttered a libelous accusation. My response to you was solely to bring to your attention that in making that frankly childish comment you are exposing yourself to a potential legal action being brought against you. Rest assured I made the response with not the slightest intention of attempting such a thing. As regards posting my CV, well, what was I supposed to do? Just accept your unjustified attack? This was not an attempt to boast or impress you, but simply to explain to you that your comment was ignorant in the extreme and quite unwarranted. I was not trying to be seen as having an outstanding career but simply to demonstrate to you that your accusation as to my being a “Deadbeat” is utterly without merit. You, however, are apparently unable to understand even this simple explanation. Now you want to degrade me even further by comparing me to your own experiences. You have absolutely no idea. None. What are you implying when you question “Who provided the costs to build?” Answer: None of your business. But let me help you here. I worked in construction five days a week. Then I went home and worked another 4 to 6 hours building a home. Weekends were non stop building our home. And you would suggest that that was not work. And you ask me to “Get real”?
      Regarding your opinion about my working with immigrants, once again you display an appalling ignorance, not to mention displaying a disturbingly bigoted attitude towards such persons. Your suggestion that their attitude is as you said “We can Milk this Fool” is extraordinary in it’s mean spirited and boorish intent. Shame on you Mr TeddyBoy. It is precisely because of your comments and those of your mentor that Brian and I will continue to criticize and speak out against bigotry and, yes, real intolerance. You can insult all you like. Water off a duck’s back.

  8. Giving you his lawyers name was a threat Colin. The Chippie and the Wandering Minstrel can dish it out but they clearly can’t take it can they?
    Just ignore these losers. They obviously have too little time on their hands.


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