CANCER CURED: Child’s leukaemia successfully treated with pioneering treatment in Spain

PIONEERING TREATMENT: The child was treated with the CAR-T 19 gene therapy. Photo: Shutterstock

A PEDIATRIC patient suffering from leukaemia has been successfully treated with a pioneering therapy under Spain’s National Health System.

The six-year-old child, from Alicante, was treated with the CAR-T 19 gene therapy at the Sant Joan de Deu de Esplugues de Llobregat hospital in Barcelona.

After having suffered two relapses from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and having undergone a bone narrow transplant, the boy was referred to the hospital’s Oncology Department.


After going through the ground-breaking treatment, the child has reportedly returned to his home town and managed to resume his day-to-day activities, stated Susanna Rives, head of the lymphomas unit at the centre.


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