‘THERE WAS A LOT OF BLOOD’: Police in Spain arrest foreign man as search for missing wife and child continues

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POLICE in Spain are searching for a missing woman and her 10-year-old son after another boy escaped from an alleged attack by his father.

Sources close to the investigation say that the six-year-old boy has told Guardia Civil officers that “there was a lot of blood” when he fled the scene in a wooded area of ​​Ifonche on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Officers believe the woman and children had travelled from Germany to Tenerife to visit the father, of German nationality when the assault took place.


The youngest child escaped the scene and was found ‘disorientated’ by a neighbour.

Guardia Civil officers are searching the area but the mother and child have not yet been located.

The man has been arrested by the police and has reportedly refused to answer their questions.

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