Murcia “one of the best” to live and work in Spain

Special walk for a special day in Old Town Credit- Shutterstock

BUS search engine, CheckMyBus, has published a study revealing the top places to live and work in Spain. Many aspects were considered, including housing, pollution, crime and public transport.

And while Madrid and Barcelona topped the league for highest salaries and lowest unemployment, they are also considered the most expensive cities in Spain, with the lowest air quality.

But, with their combination of high living standards and low cost of living, Murcia, Tarragona and Girona are considered the three best cities to live and work in the country.


Teruel came out the safest city and Ceuta the least contaminated. Malaga was one of the top for being connected by bus.

The survey considered, official unemployment, average salary, housing price per m² data, crime rates, air quality data, number of bus companies offering long-distance routes have been taken into account.


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