Mud bath use prohibited for public safety and environment in multiple Costa Blanca areas

NO MUD BATHS: The governing board of the Natural Parks warned of the dangers CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

OFFICIALS met with the media last week to outline issues regarding the mud baths at La Mata and Torrevieja.

Fanny Serrano, Councillor for the Environment, reiterated that the use of the lagoons is “absolutely prohibited under any type of circumstance “.

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The two main reasons are for the environment and for public safety.

“The extraction of salt is carried out by means of automatic machinery that moves underwater and could cause fatal damage to illegal bathers.”

The possibility of allowing one area to be used for bathing was considered but would always be temporary. The area will now be reinforced with private security, provided by the salt company.

Tour companies have been warned that they’ll face prosecution if they offer a bathing experience in Las Lagunas. The councillor added: “We have organised visits to Las Salinas, which (now) meet all the environmental and sustainable criteria. We have all the authorisations, and what we want is to protect and reinforce them “.



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