APPEAL: Family struggle to raise funds following girl’s shock death in Spain

STEPHANY GRADYS: The young woman died suddenly in Costa Rica. Credit: [email protected]

THE family of a 27-year-old Costa Rican woman who died in Barcelona are appealing for financial help to bring her body home.

Stephany Gradys, a special educator who had lives in Spain for three years, reportedly died suddenly on Saturday of asphyxiation after eating. 

While Spanish authorities continue to investigate what caused the girl’s death, her family is trying to raise the €9,000 needed to return her body to Costa Rica.  They are also hoping to raise funds to cover the plane tickets of her mother and two sisters who would like to fly to Barcelona to accompany Stephany home.


The young woman, who belonged to the Sagrada Familia church choir, was described as, “a woman of faith, dedicated to her dreams, with clear goals, happy, optimistic and full of hope.”


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