SICK: Ambulance workers arrested on patient robbery and sexual abuse charges in Spain

Boy of 3 killed on pedestrian crossing
The child died in the ambulance

SPANISH police have arrested two men and charged them with four sexual abuse crimes against women patients they were transporting. The pair also face a robbery charge.

Guardia Civil officers claim the ambulance workers took advantage of the patients’ helplessness during the incidents in Gran Canaria in Spain’s Canary Islands.

The police arrested the two men aged 63 and 55 after a complaint in March and subsequent investigations that went back to 2017.


Their victims were aged between 43 and 85-years-old and suffered ‘touching of a sexual nature in their intimate areas and other acts of humiliation’ it is alleged.
It is also claimed one of the victims was also robbed of a watch and €10 euros.

The pair, who have worked together for nine years, are due to face the courts in Las Palmas.


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