EWN takes a look at the major, world-changing events over the last 20 years

KING FELIPE: Prince Felipe is crowned King after the abdication of Juan Carlos I in 2014. Photo: Shutterstock

WE have been publishing newspapers for the last 20 years and a lot has changed in two decades.

Here’s a look at some of the major, world-changing events that have taken place in that time.

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  1999 • The euro currency is established.

  2000 • The first residential crew arrives aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

  2001 • New York’s Twin Towers are brought down in an Al Qaeda terror attack, beginning the War on Terror.

  2002 • Almost 99 per cent of voters in Gibraltar reject shared sovereignty between Britain and Spain in a referendum.

  2003 • The Concorde supersonic jet liner makes its last commercial flight after first taking off in 1969.

  2004 • Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook while studying at Harvard University.

  2005 • Live 8 concerts take place at 10 venues across the world simultaneously for the Make Poverty History campaign.

  2006 • The Human Genome Project publishes its last chromosome sequence.

  2007 • Steve Jobs unveils the first iPhone in San Francisco.

  2008  • The global financial crisis breaks out, leading to the deepest recession since the Great Depression.

  2009  • Barack Obama takes office as the US’s first African-American president.

  2010  • David Cameron becomes Prime Minister of Britain at the head of the first coalition government since the Second World War.

  2011  • Anti-government protests erupt across the Middle East and North Africa, beginning the Arab Spring.

  2012  • The Olympic Games are held in London.

  2013  • Former CIA agent Edward Snowden releases information about a US government mass surveillance programme. 

  2014 •  Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe is crowned King after the abdication of Juan Carlos I.

  2015  •  The US re-establishes full diplomatic relations with Cuba after 54 years of hostile relations.

  2016  •  Britain votes in a referendum to leave the EU after first joining the European Economic Community in 1973.

  2017   •  Donald Trump takes office as US President as millions march worldwide against his inauguration.

  2018  •  Pedro Sanchez becomes Spain’s Prime Minister after ousting the PP in the country’s first successful no confidence motion.

  2019  •  Event Horizon Telescope scientists create the first ever image of a black hole.


    • Naimah, how many kings do you know of who have abdicated during your lifetime? It was a pretty big deal for the Spanish and for Spanish descendents in Latin America and throughout the world. King Juan Carlos was effectively forced to resign amid a storm of indignation over the shenanigans within the Spanish royal family up to and including himself. Imagine if Queen Elizabeth II had handed over to Prince Charlie in similar circumstances. That’s how big a deal it was.


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