WEATHER WARNINGS: Met Office fears rain could return to most of Spain this week

WEATHER REPORT: Rain is expected to arrive on Thursday and may continue through until Monday 22. Photo: Shutterstock

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WEATHER predictions for Easter week have taken a turn as a spokesperson for Spain’s Met Office announced that the bad weather is set to return as of this Thursday.

Ruben del Campo stated that the most pleasant weather for Semana Santa will be spread out between today (Tuesday) and tomorrow but rain is expected to arrive on Thursday and may continue through until Monday 22.

Holy Thursday, or Jueves Santo, will also bring a whopping weather drop up to 13º in some areas such as Jaen, Granada, Madrid, Zaragoza, Almeria, etc.

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Despite chances of the Balearics, Canaries, western Castilla y Leon, and the south of Andalucia escaping the rain, the traditional Semana Santa processions may still be affected.

The most frequent and intense rainfalls are expected to target the inland of the eastern half and centre of the peninsula.

Ruben del Campo also highlighted that there is still an uncertainty regarding the weather predictions between Friday and Monday since the location of the storm could change the “intensity and distribution of the showers”.

However, there is a strong chance of rain for those days in the eastern part of the country, especially in Navarra, La Rioja, Aragon, Cataluña and Valencia.


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