BENIDORM BANGERS: Fun charity driving challenge from UK to Spain ready to hit the road

BENIDORM BANGERS: The cheaper and wackier the better! File image, Photo credit: facebook / benidormbangers

A CHARITY road rally from the UK to Spain is due to hit the road on April 23 and organisers say how much people spend on their chosen chariot is up to them but the cheaper and wackier the better!

They say about the European driving challenge: “It’s not just about being behind the wheel – you’ll also need a sense of adventure, humour and – in some cases a toolkit – as the teams have to crunch the miles either in a banger or an everyday car, bike or van.

Many of the competitors are collecting sponsorship for their chosen charities and will take part in wacky daily challenges along the scenic route to Spain’s Costa Blanca.


There will be prizes for the best-decorated vehicles, best fancy dress and even the best Hawaiian shirt.

All participants must have an MOT for their vehicle, tax, insurance and a driving licence!

Some of the vehicles will not make the return trip to the UK and organisers have reminded teams scrapping their cars to take all the necessary documents.

They warn: “Please remember not to trash, wreck or damage your cars in any way as the scrap man will not take it and you will have to drive it home.

“Don’t even think about abandoning your car as the Spanish police will contact us and by law we have to give them your details and you will be liable for a €3,000 fine.

“Good luck to the Repeat Offenders and this year’s Banger Virgins with your final preparations.”

Benidorm Bangers Team BB16 looking good and ready for the off Well done

Geplaatst door Benidorm Bangers op Zondag 14 april 2019

Benidorm Bangers Team BB84 looking fantastic Well Done top effort Glad the crew don’t have the task of picking the best car,that little job goes to all teams,😎🚐🚗🚙🚓🚘🚖

Geplaatst door Benidorm Bangers op Maandag 8 april 2019

Well done to the Benidorm Bangers Team BB58 Car is Looking fantastic

Geplaatst door Benidorm Bangers op Vrijdag 5 april 2019

Benidorm Bangers BB03 looking great and ready for the 2019 Rally

Geplaatst door Benidorm Bangers op Zaterdag 6 april 2019


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