Mercadona officially ditches plastic bags for eco-friendly alternatives

GOODBYE TO PLASTIC: Mercadona opts for eco-friendly alternatives. Photo: @martina_cucu

THE WELL-KNOWN supermarket chain, Mercadona, will no longer provide plastic bags of one single use as of today (Monday) in Spain.

Mercadona will now offer clients bags made of paper, raffia and carriers made with 50 to 70 per cent recycled plastic from left over packaging from the company’s supermarkets.

The chain stated that the recent changes “are a result of a combined commitment between clients, staff and providers to improve the way resources are used by reducing, reusing and recycling in a bid to expand their lifespan and to avoid them ending up in landfills”.


Plans to introduce a new system into other counters such as the fruit section will progressively be installed in hopes to reduce wastage.

The new bags will have an individual cost of €0.50 (raffia bags), €0.10 (paper bags) and the recycled bags are also priced at €0.10.



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