WATCH: Car flips over on Marbella’s Golden Mile on the Costa del Sol

MESSY: Several vehicles were reportedly damaged in the accident. CREDIT: Facebook - Marbellasequeja

A DRIVER allegedly jumped the roundabout close to a well-known restaurant on Marbella’s Golden Mile, flipping over his car and causing damage to several other vehicles, it has been claimed on social media.

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Buenas noches como siempre alcohol ➕ coches rápidos. Ha sido detenido por la Policía 👮 ha saltado la rotonda de Da Bruno y ha caído en la acera de en frente.

Geplaatst door Marbella se queja op Zaterdag 13 april 2019

It was also reported the driver tried to make a run for it after the accident, but was quickly detained by police.


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